Dr. Deborah McFarland

Deborah is a phenomenal leader who understands how to graciously undergird, build up and encourage other leaders. She enjoys coaching individuals into the realization of their visions and dreams. Her methodical, thorough and loving guidance has taken many leaders from their “conceptual stage” through their “birthing process” and onto the proper establishment of their new marital, ministry or business venture(s). Deborah understands the importance of a happy marriage and a peaceful home and its positive impact upon the fulfillment of one’s destiny.

She is an exhilarating speaker who teaches, encourages and challenges her listeners to change. Deborah has taught the Word of God along with various “Family” oriented and Business classes in the USA and internationally as well. She is persuaded that people are always able to overcome every obstacle in their lives, through the proper understanding and consistent application of Scripture.

Deborah has a strong entrepreneurial spirit and believes that we have been called to be “the head” in every arena of life. She is a Motivational Speaker, a singer, musician, author and an ordained minister. She is a graduate of Fisk University and a former member of the inter- nationally renowned Fisk Jubilee Singers. She received her doctorate degree from St Thomas Christian College in Jacksonville, Florida. As a lifelong student, she continues to take various classes in Ministry, Fine Arts and Business. She is also a graduate of Dr. Cindy Trimm’s, Trimm University.

Deborah has been married to Jasper McFarland for over thirty-three years. She is the proud mother of three beautiful daughters. Please visit the website regularly to stay abreast of new book releases, Conferences and Book Signings in your area, or to request Deborah and/or Jasper as a guest speaker(s) for your event.

  • This book is God’s answer to the tremendous assault Satan and this world’s culture have been waging on marriage! Deborah beautifully captures a biblically thorough explanation of the roles of men and women in marriage. This book is a “marriage manual” for anyone who is presently married or single waiting for God to bring a spouse. This book is filled with practical applications and life examples from her life and ministry. Deborah has written a powerful book that is guaranteed to strengthen your life and marriage as you apply its Godly advice and wisdom. You’ve asked God for help, here it is!

    Dr. Michael Maiden

    Lead Pastor, Church For The Nations

    Phoenix, AZ

  • “To Have And To Hold...Or Not?” is a timely and Prophetic Word from God. The decline of Biblical Marriage Principles is prevalent both in secular society, the body of Christ and even in the lives of some Ministers. This book has been well written. Deborah B. McFarland has proven in her Personal life, Marriage, Family and International Ministry, that diligence and excellence bring rewards of success. iv “To Have And To Hold...Or Not?” is not just a book of information, but contains practical principles for success in everyday living. It should be read by any Single person desiring to successfully prepare for a mate, and every married person desiring to have a strong, happy and healthy marriage.

    Dr. Alfred Craig, Sr.

    Apostle and Founder, Azusa World Ministries

    Phoenix, AZ

  • Deborah McFarland has produced an impressive, well written, insightful Bible-based teaching on the marriage covenant which is sure to strengthen married couples and those who are contemplating marriage. “To Have And To Hold... Or Not?” is definitely worth reading!

    Pastors Richard and Clara Ruffin

    Ministry of the Open Door

    Hartford, Connecticut


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